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The Best Electric Boat in the World

ONLY $3,995

Volt Boats K1 – the first hybrid human/electric-powered kayak. Built for anglers who want the most portable, affordable, and flexible power boat available. Or for casual kayakers who enjoy paddling but want the added safety of power to get them home in case of unexpected current, wind, or injury.

The Volt Boats K1 offers the simplicity, efficiency, and maneuverability of a traditional kayak. It’s quiet, uses your own human energy, and doesn’t damage the environment with noise or fuel pollution. But, at the touch of a button, the power drive deploys below the boat, offering fast, silent, long-distance travel on a single charge. The K1 Kayak is safe, yes – but it’s fun too!

  • GET HOME FAST AND SILENTLY with 7 MPH emission-free motor
  • UP TO 30 HOURS RUNTIME Choose from two battery types for optimal weight, performance, and cost
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE, designed for demanding conditions
  • RETRACTABLE DRIVE switches from paddle to power with ease
  • EASY STEERING with joystick, foot pedals or GPS AutoPilot
  • STABLE, FAST, AND LIGHT thermoformed hull
  • BEST CAR-TOP fishing and recreation boat you can buy
  • SCREAMING DEAL at $3,995 for a boat and a one-hour battery

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The most portable, affordable, and flexible power boat available